12-12-2012 | Warranty

We like to draw the attention to our warranty rules. Products may not be opended during the warranty period unless with our written approval. In case products are opened during the warranty period, warranty is automatically void.

A second rule is that products on which warranty is claimed, must be returned to our factory in the Netherlands, to judge the warranty claim.

We regrtet to say that shipping new products in advance is not possible.

07-09-2012 | Holland Aviation at OSEA 2012 Singapore

Holland Aviation at OSEA 2012 Singapore Together with our agent, Holland Aviation will participate in the Offshore exhibition for South East Asia , OSEA 2012 in Singapore

27-08-2012 | New website

Holland Aviation has a new website! You can find our products in different categories in the product overview.

27-08-2012 | New website online

Fantastic. Thanks Marijn
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